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2021.10.18: We are not in some kind of age of tolerance, like a lot love to imagine. While some groups are told to love themselves, others are taught to hate who they are - their history, their heritage. One can comfortably tell someone that it's great to be black, muslim, gay - but try saying it's merely OK to be white, and suddenly, that's a controversial statement.

Do you think it's OK to be white?
Why would it be more acceptable for another group to feel validated?

2021.10.17: If anyone is interested in Pan-European Nationalism, send me an e-mail at I have no idea where to find like-minded people to talk about it.

Europe only has a future if its nations decide to unite to form together a strong, unified state under a real leadership. Today we are weak, unable to display stren...gth internally nor internationally.

We are infirm - supposedly unable to shape our own future. We are made to feel as if it is impossibile to put a stop to our major issues - falling education levels, rising crime, rape, immigration. And we are told that these are natural progressions that we just cannot escape, only barely mitigate, if anything.

We are made to feel like these are gargantuous tasks, that democratically elected officials one after another have tried but failed to solve those problems. That there is no other possibility than the use of half-measures rather than strong actions.

The truth of the situation is that if our nations genuinely tried, they could achieve a lot more than what we are doing now. Put an end to these problems in a matter of years.

When the Covid fiasco started, wasn't it easy to, overnight, put an almost complete stop to travel?

Make people stay in their homes, enforce mask madates? Close restaurants, public venues? Enforce vaccination?

Europeans as a whole have forgotten that it is possible to actually achieve things, correct wrongs and make things right, at the national level.

The reality is that our governments are hiding their true intentions behind a fake wall of incompetence.

Our elite: the media, the billionaires, the financemen - a small, rootless international circle - is leading us towards a single end, the reign of mindless consumption, capitalism, and globalization. The dream of the international billionaire.

No longer will the international elite be limited by borders and nations. This same elite will use its wealth across the globe, under it a cultureless, soulless, ignorant, but content population, unable and unwilling to change the status-quo, whose only pleasure and goal in life will be to consume and thus give them their money.

We Europeans are heading towards a clear path : a Europe where being European is nothing more than being at the right place for the right amount of time. A Geographical location, more so than culture, heritage, history or values. A future where the main drive in our daily lives is consumption, a bland society where the end goal of life is to spend our first decades studying in order to find suitable work - in order to spend our lives buying, consuming, staying silent and agreeing with the politically accepted opinion - which is whatever our elites decide to dictate through the media owned by the very few, in order to let us slowly fade away thus consolidating their hold on the west.

We are made to believe that WE are the leaders, we have the control and make decisions in our societies, all thanks to democracy. And that all this is what WE want. That WE have established the rules.

In reality, it is a clever use of democracy that they, thanks to their monopoly of the media in a few hands, can lead into any direction.

Where has gone the european spirit that made us feel like everything was possible? We invented the modern world, put people on the moon, we colonized continents, have gone through global wars that have killed dozens of million - but supposedly, we can no longer enforce even the simplest forms of our will ? Put our criminals into prisons, put a stop to terrorism?

It's not that we can't, it's that our elite won't let us.

2021.10.17: Any Europeans also strongly attracted to Pan-Europeanism? Is a European Nation even realistic? Would a Frenchman accept to share a country with a German?

2021.10.08: The site reached 400 views today. That's impressive. I mean, have you seen this thing? Planning to diversify the content soon, maybe even add categories.

2021.10.08: I see no one was interested in a small short story from a Neocities stranger. What a shame! Worry not, I'll probably post one here anyway soon.

2021.10.07: Anyway, I want to do something different. So I had this idea : I will write a 200 word 'surreal' short story to the first person to send me an e-mail at with a 10 word sentence describing what the story should be about. Hope someone takes me up on the offer!

2021.10.07: I've been updating this page for a few days now; I didn't think it would go that far. I normally tend to abandon things (very) quickly, and I've been pretty busy the last few days.

2021.10.06: Added a title. Might remove it later. I wonder if people really read this or instantly click away? It's the first time I really 'participate' on the Internet, so all this is a bit weird to me. I don't have social media - not even Facebook.

2021.10.05: I really need to make those shorter. Otherwise, it won't look much like a microblog. I try to limit my word count, but it's harder than it seems.

2021.10.05: Neocities is great. It's like a huge art collection. Unlike social media, with each page following some layout, every website here is different. REALLY different: not simply a different font, a different color. On today's internet, there are design trends, styles and rules to follow for your website to look proper. On Neocities, creativity reigns. It's really liberating.

2021.10.04: New start. I was previously using one of these static website generators, but that was too much for what I wanted. I realize now what I need is simple: a simple web-log with little CSS - easy to maintain, hassle-free. I got the idea from another Neocities website that was using a simple txt file as a 'microblog.' Hope I'll use this thing more and not abandon it again.